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Incense has been an important element of Japan’s way of life and culture for centuries. Ichimiya-ku in Awaji Island, situated in a fan shaped valley over flat land, produces 70 percent of all incense made in Japan.

Incense has a long history, closely imbedded with Buddhism. Its origin said to be in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan, after which it was brought to India for further development. The birth of Buddhism around the latter half of the 5th century BC had a great impact on incense making, as it became a part of the religious practice, leading to it finally arriving in Japan. 

Juttoku was created with the goal of connecting contemporary lifestyles with “Ko Juttoku” – 10 mottos and effects of incense that have been passed down over thousands of years.

Ko Juttoku (10 Mottos Of Incence)

  1. Heighten sensitivity
  2. Purify body and mind
  3. Take away impurity
  4. Rouse us from our sleep
  5. Make us feel at ease in serenity
  6. Soothe our heart any time
  7. Has an unobtrusive scent
  8. Gives off enough fragrance even in small amounts
  9. Can be stored for a long time
  10. Safe for daily use

Let your mind and soul unwind and relax with Juttoku's products

Juttoku’s "Inko" is a pressed incense that gives off a light fragrance even without burning. Best suited for indoor use, you can enjoy these light aromas without the anxiety of having an open flame by simply placing them in places such as your foyer or bedroom. Once the initial fragrance disappears, you can then get continued use out of the inko as burned incense or as an aroma diffuser by dripping your favorite essential oil directly onto it.

Some of Juttoku's inko are designed to look like Japanese sweets to bring inspiration from each of the four seasons, while others are designed as various Japanese good luck charms with the hope of bringing good will and prosperity. Juttoku's wish is that as the aroma fills your senses, so will the property infused in the incense by its shape.