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HAYASHIDA Organic Brown RIce

Premium Quality Rice, Grown in Rich Nature. Organic pesticide-free rice is raised in a rich natural environment full of pure water and fresh air in Kuma-region, located in the upstream of the Kuma river in Kumamoto, one of the three major torrents in Japan.

Organic pesticide-free farming. They insist on pesticide-free farming to reassure safety and security for our rice. Their are qualified by the organic certification from Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) which requires three years of pesticide-free cultivation, in addition to their yearly inspections of the field, the materials and the process of production.

Abundant and pure water. For agricultural water, the water from the source of the Kuma river, one of the three major torrents in Japan is used. Clear and good quality water moistens the fields throughout the year.

Healthy soil making. The soil is rich which the rice straw after the harvest has been returned for many decades and made back to earth. To make healthy soil, organic fertilizers and green manures inherited from our previous generation are used instead of chemical fertilizers.

Temperature control to preserve the taste. To preserve the flavor of the new rice, storage temperature is controlled throughout the year. Because of this, they can provide the fluffy and slightly sticky food texture of good rice all year around.

We have ordered their brown rice. We hope you enjoy it.