SUGAI WORLD Clips Family Penguin

SUGAI WORLD Clips Family Penguin


Clip Family / Monster Clips are an environmentally friendly paper clip made from a natural fiber. You can use as a normal clip or a bookmark. But if you soak it in water for 5 minutes, you can change its shape and play with it too. It’s a paper clip with added possibilities!

  • Content:5 pieces

  • Package Dimensions:W100×H150×D8(mm)

  • Weight:7g

  • Material:Fiber paper

  • Made in Japan

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SUGAI WORLD, founded in 2011 in Tokyo, is a design gift maker with a playful attitude. Its history began with a fun sticky note called Mustache-it, a mustache-shaped sticky note. Our playful products are proudly made in Japan using eco-friendly materials. Our mission is “give imagination and dream to the world ”

Designer /  Yu SUGAI

Born in Yamagata prefecture, 1980. Graduated from Tama Art University, majored in information design. He has launched his own company “SUGAI WORLD Inc.” after working for design company and toy company. He is working for his strong idea “ creating design that gives dream”.