METROCS Stacking Canisters (Tall)

METROCS Stacking Canisters (Tall)

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Material: Wood, Urethane Coating

Place of origin: Japan

Model style: Tall

  • Color options:grey/mint/yellow, turquoise/red/natural & blue/white/black

  • Dimensions : φ8.5 x H14 (cm)

  • Size of each layer: H4.7 (cm) and lid is H0.7 (cm)

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A color design by the traditional Yamanaka house, which has a 450 year history in lacquer ware crafting. Even for the realization of the modern colors nowadays, they still continue to use the conventional power wheel to hand shape each box.

"Make Japanese craftsmanship more accessible and handy". The col. series is a product of creative inspiration made using traditional craft technique, 'Rokuro Biki' (wood turning). Available in beautiful color combinations, it is useful for storage of small object like accessories and also food. Smart when it is on the shelf and various ways of use can be made through your own ideas. There are 2 sizes and 3 color types each.

Hata Shikki Ten was established by Hata Unomatsu, who was himself a craftsman of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware). Commitment to quality, selection of materials without compromise and masterful techniques have all been passed on until today. From daily use to special occasions, the products feature sturdy yet practical construction as well as simple yet modern design. Each one is hand made by a skilled craftsman and the company earns its high reputation from a wide range of customers.