HIGHTIDE Pavot Card Holder

HIGHTIDE Pavot Card Holder


It is a bellows type card holder (card case). It is made of polyurethane with a texture like leather, perfect for collection of business cards and shop cards and hobby collection! Since it can be classified by seven pockets, it is possible to put together a neat card with this one.

  • Ref: DF074

  • Dimensions: W10.5 × H7.3 × D2.2 (cm)

  • Colors available: khaki, turquoise blue, beige, red, purple, gray, brown, navy, vivid pink & black

  • Material: PU & paper

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  • Because this product is a bellows type, more cards can be stored than the recommended number of sheets, but please be careful because it may become unclear if you store too much, and the inner bellows may be torn.