PENCO Foolscap Notebook (4 sizes)

PENCO Foolscap Notebook (4 sizes)

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This note, which stuffed everything about PENCO 's nature, as it is, with the basic specifications of university notes such as the black back band and the inner paper False paper on the cover of hair entry paper, is a quality-oriented fountain that sticks to "writing" It is a self-confidence work which many users can recommend to users as well as light users who love design stationery.

Existing sizes: B5 & B6

  • Ref: CN119, size B5 : W17. 9 × H25.2 × D0.5 cm, 60 sheets

  • Ref: CN120, size B6 : W12.3 x H17.7 x D0.4 cm, 30 sheets

  • Ref:CN121, size A7 : W7.4 x H10.5 x D0.5 cm, 30 sheets

Front cover color availables: black, brown, pink, green & purple
Material: paper
lace of origin: Japan

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