Probably the Best sweat-wear brand in the world


The brand name stands for: mix / original / comfortable / technical

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"MocT" is a brand transmitted by Shin internal cotton co., Ltd, which has challenged and developed textiles which are considered difficult to blend dyed cotton and different materials, etc. Interweaving the challenging spirit inherited to the cultivated technology Interworking sense of trust · luxury · We aim to become the world's leading royal road brand offering continuity at a reasonable price and send new products to the world to lead people to a better quality of life


Various threads and textiles were born in the course of "GR 7" becoming standards

The combination has infinite possibilities

"mocT" freely chooses threads separately

to create completely new standards It is

cultivated in 130 years To

sublime technology and experience to a new "comfortable " is the role of "mocT"

to propose utility items


GR7 Explained

Birth of the first domestic yarn in domestic production 50 Years

named "GR 7"

moct_logo GR7.PNG

has long been loved as a gray standard in Japan

Various brands have been in various forms and to

everyone The "GR 7" that arrived will be born as a new brand

under the name of "mocT" at this time We aim to become a brand that brings together the cultivated technology and reaches the middle of the heart of people who wear everyday worries



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