A bracelet collection made from purely Natural Stones


Mikia was established in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan.

The designer, Aki Mitsubayashi travels the world, she gets inspired by people, culture
and things that she meets and feels, everything is her treasure and become our jewelry.
All our jewelry is hand made in Japan, we use natural stones, vintage beads and more.
We find those materials when we travel. There is always a story for each material. This
is a root of our collection, all the materials mean something to us and expressed in our


All Mikia bracelet is hand made in Japan, using natural stones, vintage beads and more, found when travelling. There is always a story for each material and you can feel it in every piece.

In 2015, Mikia launched men’s collection.

After a decade of the brand, we have used many different materials, then started
focusing on vintage beads and brass beads. They became necessary items for our men’s
collection. We mix them with larger natural stone beads that have masculine look and
make bracelets. They have become our signature item.

We cherish traditional ethnic items and classic colors, and express them into our
jewelry. This encourages our passion to challenge ourselves to keep making jewelry.



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MIKIA Bracelet Turquoise
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MIKIA Bracelet Turquoise
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