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Ubu - Liquid Foundation Brush

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Kumano, located in east Hiroshima, is the most famous brush making town since the Edo period and is home to "SHAQUDA".  Traditional Kumano brushes were born in this scenic mountain town over 180 years ago. Brush brand SHAQUDA is steeped in the inimitable technique of Kumano brush making. Its Masters’ proud of their craftsmanship, born and raised here, culminating in our new brand SHAQUDA. The ability of experienced hair selecting, expert craftsmen's skill of hair dressing and modeling of brush shape using original wood tools called "Koma"- putting all our heart into each brush, step by step, one by one.

Better use with liquid fondation, for a perfect porcelain grain skin.
Material: Goat/synthetic hair, Walnut wood handle

Size: 180mm
Weight: 15g
Place of origin: Hiroshima, Japan