KINTO Bottlit Carafe 1 Liter

KINTO Bottlit Carafe 1 Liter


Beautiful carafe with a lid to protect your drink.

The bottle shaped carafe is ideal for use in the kitchen and presenting on the table. It has a slim shape that fits in the refrigerator door and the opening is wide enough to easily take out contents such as tea bags and herbs. The airtightness of the lid with silicone ring keeps contents fresh. As it is made of heat-resistant glass, odors and stains do not remain and it is easy to keep clean.

With its vintage look and slim design, this carafe will add a nostalgic touch to your table and fit easily in the refrigerator door. The silicone ring creates a seal to keep contents fresh, so its perfect for milk, flavoured water, juice, or iced tea.

  • Size: 33.8 oz / 1L

  • Dimensions: ø2 in x H10.6 in x W3.3 / ø50 x H270 x W85 mm

  • Material: heat-resistant glass, silicone

  • User recommendations: microwave and dishwasher safe

  • No. 27863

Place of origin: Japan

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