KIHARA Ginger Grater

KIHARA Ginger Grater


Small grater with a rim where the grated food and juices go into nicely. The spout so you can pour out any juice from the vegetable. It is very easy to clean with just water and since it is made with porcelain, it is very easy to just rinse off.

  • Series: SITAKU

  • Ref: 9650

  • Size: φ 10 H 2.8 cm

  • ​​Composition: White porcelain

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

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KIHARA, INC. is a Japanese porcelain producing company based in Arita; a well know historical porcelain industrial area with a 400 year history. When you see Arita porcelain products, you realize how they differ from other porcelain, especially in the tone of white and beautiful artwork. There was a time when, through the VOC (Dutch East India Company), a great deal of Arita porcelain was imported to Europe. Arita now has traditional techniques that have remained unchanged for 400 year mixed with modern techniques like 3D shape designing & machining in porcelain.