Kanuma Great Woodwork Project: Preserving woodworking skills through Lucky-Charms

Kanuma x Bows & Arrows

Sugi no Kamisama is a collection of lucky pins made of Japanese cedar wood.
The "Kanuma Incredible Woodworking Projects" is a serie of collections launched in 2011 by woodworking crafters in Kanuma, prefecture of Tochigi and designers from Tokyo. The project is aimed for the region to gain in popularity, as the crafters have unique high-leveled woodwork skills and techniques gathered from generations. The region is also a perfect area for sourcing wood of great quality.
Project leader Kouichi Wakasugi is an industrial designer from Tokyo who has a long-term relationship with Kanuma and its crafters. Most of his furniture projects are involving the skills and wood from the area. He decided to launch Kanuma Incredible Woodworking Projects as a tribute.

"Engimono" means Talisman, Lucky Charm. Engimono carry a variety of prayers such as wishes for love, wishes for good business and wishes for the health. Carrying engimono at home or by yourself is very common in Japan and is a figure representation of a wish you really want to see accomplished.

"Kamisama" means God. Since ancient time, gods are known to protect and be a representative of a specific theme, through Nature (Thunder, Mountain, Air, ...) and Luck (Business, Match-Making, Love, ...).

By carrying your pins by your side, you're certain to meet good luck in life.