Rediscover the touch and feel of wooden objects thanks to thinness never accomplished before. Handcrafted in northern Japan.

Kami Glass cups are handcrafted wooden glasses made in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. Kami means paper in Japanese, referring to the thin, lightweight properties of the wood. The items in the series are thin enough to allow light to pass when held up to a light source and have a white tone, and hence the name kami (paper). The sides of Kami cups are only about 2 millimeters thick, allowing the warmth of a hot drink to pass gently to one’s hands. They are lightweight, easy to hold, and are resistant to breaking when dropped, so they can also be used by young children and senior citizens.

The idea for the cup came from the second-generation owner of furniture manufacturer Takahashi Kogei. Its elegant form was designed by Oji Masanori and handcrafted by Master Craftsman Hidetoshi Takahashi to accentuate the natural properties of the wood. Hokkaido wood is shaped using a potter’s wheel to shave the wood by hand creating its seamless form.

Made from Sen (carefully dried Castor Aralia wood) and sealed with food-grade polyurethane to resist staining. Each product is carefully gift-boxed. We find beauty in the craftsmen, simplicity, seamless lines, lightness of weight, natural technology, and the commitment to perfection. 

Part of the fabrication process for a kami cup. From beguining to end this process takes 2 months.