Whoval Denim Jackets


Whoval is a denim brand based in Okayama, Japan.

Okayama is the Japanese capital of denim production. Japanese denim became to be famous from the 1970’s. At that time, few Japanese pioneers started to study the post­war American denim. They decided to make Japanese denim collections, even better than the American originals: better quality, sizes and shapes more adapted to the demand of the Japanese markets.

They bought vintage American machines, bought the best possible cotton, used the famous Japanese Indigo process, and from there, the Japanese denim industry was born.

If you visit Okamayama city, you’ll be able to visit a Denim Museum and several factories and ­stores.

Whoval belongs to the young generation of denim makers. Not only do they have their own brand but they also do production for many other famous brands including Nike Japan, Beams, United Arrows, and many others.

Their famous Kimono jacket is an homage to real denim with a Japanese twist.


By representative director Shuji Ishibashi:

Because I was born in Kojima and grew up with denim, it was natural to ste into the denim industry.

We established WHOVAL in 2007. From the thought that we can’t realize our creations without washing process,so we started the processing plant.Employees has exceeded 30, and we are striving to raise the value of “made in Kojima”. Skilled engineers and sensitiveness young guys work hard together to expand the range of their works and also challenge various processing.

Now here in Kojima has become widely known as a town of jeans over the world.

“Bring to the world from Kojima,the birthplace of Japanese domestic jeans . 

This is our belief to develop unknown technology and new products.

Nagashi Somen:

Nagashi Somen is a unique way of serving the thin white noodle via flowing cold water, conventionally slide down from sliced bamboo that is sliced in half. Diners will have to use chopstick to pick up the noodles as they float down from the bamboo pipe, dip them into cold dipping sauce before eating, as would the way we eat cold soba.

The most famous Nagashi Somen can be found at Hirobun restaurant, situated in Kibune, Kyoto. They only serve Nagashi Somen in the Summer, when you can sit on a platform "Kawadoko (川床)" with the river as background while having fun enjoying your noodle in a bizarre manner. But you will have to be skillful and quick though, noodles that aren't caught will not be re-cycled. And when you see the red somen coming, that means it's your final chance before giving up your seat to others in the queue. Chances are, you will not feel full after the session, but it's the experience you are after anyway.

It is a wonderful refreshing summer dish and very fun.

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