Yoshida Kaban bags with New Colors

With a fresh new design and new colors. Gray and navy were added to the “Union Series” with new colors. 

A lightweight cotton backpack series using a polyester canvas fabric with characteristics that are difficult to scratch and discolor. The front pocket with work wear and tool waist bag motif is a point tag with rivets and an impressive green color name tag (gray and navy tags of the same color as the body) point. 

The series was designed as a record bag for DJ’s containing cushioning material, it is a rare item in PORTER. The sewing of the handle part is finished carefully, and it is designed to withstand hard use.

Flex is a Casual and packable series made of nylon ripstop. Foldable and light, this product is suitable for everyday use, travel and outdoor activities. With packable bags, Boston bags, Tote bags, and rucksack, a bonsack (a one-shoulder sack similar to the ones used by people in the military) which now comes in various sizes.

Nylon ripstop fabric aka parachute cloth is used, which has a ripstop effect from its plaid pattern woven with a thick nylon yarn. Since it prevents a whole from being expanded further, the fabric is commonly used for military ponchos and outdoor clothing. Retroreflective fabric is used for PORTER name tag, which reflects light back to its source. 

This is such a convenient bag to take traveling or shopping as it folds up in a small bag and can be taken out and filled up with whatever you need to carry. It is also strong enough to use as check in luggage.

Previously the colors available were: black, olive drab and navy, which represent military colors. Currently Their new colors include bright orange and gray.

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