Kit Kat only found in Japan

Kit Kat’s were introduced to Japan in 1973 when Rowntree's made an agreement with Fujiya. In 2014, they were the top-selling confection in the country. The Kit Kat brand took the number one sales position from Meiji chocolate in 2012, though Meiji remains the leading confection company in Japan overall.

In 2004, the green tea flavor was introduced. Since then, the product has been sold in more than 300 seasonal and regional flavors.  We currently have a small selection of  Kit Kat flavors which can usually only be found in Japan:

Green Tea Kit Kat
Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) Kit Kat
Sakura Sake Kit Kat
Sakura Roasted Soy Kit Kat
Ume Plum Wine Kit Kat
Wasabi Kit Kat


We have very few for a limited time so come to the store if you want to discover them.

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