Camellia Oil : Japanese Womens Beauty Secret since ancient times.

Camellia flowers are quite thick and their seeds are very large. The oil is extracted from the seeds. This is a quite a thick oil made from pure camellia called tsubaki. The oil is rich in Oleic Acid which doesn't evaporate or get dry. It is originally created for Japanese woman’s hair, which is thicker than lighter colored hair. Until the Edo period, Japanese women kept their hair very long sometimes never cutting in during their lives. Some women’s hair grew up to 7 meters long. This strong oil kept it shiny, soft, and healthy. From princesses to geisha to regular women, this was the oil that women used. In fact  Maiko and Geisha apply much more than normal woman because they want that super shiny look.

- 100% vegetable oil

- Free of fragrance and color

- For Hair Treatment, use 1-3 drops on damp hair, then blow dry (see illustrations on website)

- Other uses: It can also be used as scalp care oil pack, and moisturizer for your skin.

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