Kurashiki Seiro Scented Candles


From Kurashiki, a renowned craft district in Japan. 

They design candles were are a merge of modernity and traditions cultivated since their founding in 1934.

To design the highest quality candles, they repeatedly examined and test material processing, and fragrance. 

There are specially scented candle with technology where you light it and leave it for a minute then blow it out and the smoke gives your room a lovely scent. In consideration of the environment, the main material is palm-wax which received RSPO “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” approval.  Kurosaki Seiro has attracted the attention in both Japan and abroad since its launch in 2017.  

Like a stick of gum, one stick of a card candle refreshes your mind in a short time. Stand the candle up on the brass holder and light it up. 

  • Includes a brass holder and 5 candles.

  • Burning time(approximate): 30min

  • Package size: 2.8cm×2cm×10cmH

  • Candle size: 1.8cm×0.3cm×7cmH

  • 01 Fresh Floral / 02 Fresh Green / 03 Cassis Leaves


We also have test out the “Test Tube” candles. The candles stand in wooden holders: 

  • Burning time(approximate): 19h

  • Package size: 21cm×6.5cm×12cmH

  • Candle size: 3.5cmφ×11cmH

  • 01 Fresh Floral / 02 Fresh Green / 03 Cassis Leaves


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