Batoner Shaggy Cashmere Knitwear


More than 60 years since its establishment, the know-how and techniques that OKUYAMA MERIYASU has cultivated, they are still alive in BATONER’s products. When broadly classified, knitwears are completed in five processes of knitting, linking, stitching, pressing, and checking. BATONER’s craftsmanship manifests itself by combining one of the best machines in the world, handwork that has not changed since the old days, and the experience and knowledge of the artisans. BATONER’s mission is to handle the products with care without losing focus from yarns that are raw materials until the moment it is delivered to their customers.

The knitwear brand, BATONER was created in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture in 2013. It started as a brand of OKUYAMA MERIYASU. Yamagata Prefecture is known as the production area for knitwears as well as an area where the tradition of craftsmanship is very strong. Unlike bigger cities where people want to work in front of a computer or something that looks glamorous , Yamagata still has many old companies who apply themselves to one craft to achieve perfection from learning from masters and also with the goal to keep this tradition alive through generations. 

 Batoner has been in charge of various Maison brands and apparel makers. It manages all the processes with high-quality from raw materials to products and completes the knitwears sent out to the world. Keeping a good sense of design and trends, it is nearly impossible to guess that their factory is based in the countryside. 

They continue to create apparel that will be passed on to the next generation, having the motivation to pursue higher quality and the technology and tradition Japan can give to the world.

 Each product is made with a mix of history, modern technology, and the meticulous attention of dedicated craftsmen. Please treat these garments delicately when cleaning them. With proper care you will find that they will last you for many years. 

Knitwear can be worn for a long time when it is diligently maintained using accurate knowledge. Pilling becomes less likely by brushing it without rubbing it as if removing the dust. It is also important to rest it if after wearing it once. Mildew can be prevented by storing it after diffusing the absorbed moisture. When washing it, please carefully check the washing graphic display.

We are very honored to carry their brand at our store. Please come visit us to see and feel the high quality of Batoner in Black, Gray, Turquoise, and Navy Blue..

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