Soy Sauce

We love our soy sauce. Every time we cook Japanese food, or even western, we need soy sauce the same way that in the west there is salt.

One rule however, please don’t ever put soy sauce directly on rice. There are reasons for this but mainly, rice is precious and putting soy sauce on it disrespects the purity of enjoying the rice. As a country that has relied on rice for centuries, when we wash rice before cooking it, we don’t waste a single grain our of appreciation and respect.

The soy sauce that we carry is made with premium whole soybean grains. The Ohitachi soy sauce is fermented for longer than a year in over 100 years old wooden barrels. Even the most demanding of connoisseurs will be delighted by the quality of this soy sauce. 

The flavor is deep, long, round and very rich in umami. 

It can be used in all your preparations often in place of salt, it is preferable to use it as a final touch (for example for sushi, sashimi, or salad dressings) rather than for cooking, considering the high quality of this product.

Keep refrigerated and enjoy!.

Soy Sauce Premium Ohitachi
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