Sensu Yuzu Facial Scrub


During winter our skin gets dry sheds dry skin. It is always good to have a facial scrub to cleanse and then of course, moisturize afterwards.

We recommend Sensu’s Yuzu lemon scrub, usage: twice a week

Benefits: Exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells, brightens the skin and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Sensu is made from natural ingredients, replacing the plastic scrubbing particles by apricot stone powder, it gently erases dead skin. Bitter orange oil deeply regenerates the skin cells while the extracts of thyme leaves stimulates micro circulation. It also includes konjac, an asian vegetable well know as a scrubbing sponge. In the scrub, it is purifying, moisturizing and brightens the skin.


  • Yuzu extract: antioxidant

  • Lotus seed extract: anti-aging

  • Apricot powder: removes dead cells/refines skin texture

  • Common thyme leaves: stimulate micro circulation/antioxidant

  • Bitter orange oil: regenerates skin cells

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