Mizuiro Vegetable Crayons


In reality water is clear and colorless, yet we imagine it to be light blue. In Japanese, the term mizuiro refers to a light blue color (mizu means “water” and iro “color”; literally “water color”).  At mizuiro Inc., we see ourselves as being like the color of water. We want to generate new values, creating precious and enjoyable moments for parents and children to share. Japan is a treasure trove of vegetables. 

There is a large variety of traditional cuisine and culture in Japan. Since the quality of the vegetables produced in Japan is very high they are very delicious and healthy as well. “If ink and drawing material made from such vegetables existed, the charm of Japan would be expressed in a whole new way to the world!”. This is what I thought one day and how it all started. 

“A drawing material made out of vegetables color?”
“What kind of material can we make using vegetables colors?”
This is what our development team has thought for many days.

 The crayons are made of wax and the way they are made is similar to candle making.
“If we try, we might be able to make our own prototype!” we thought.
The road of vegetable crayons development has started!

 Since major manufacturers would not make it, we aimed for niche product development. We stuck to the world of safety and security of vegetables color, made in Japan.

Trial starts at the factory
First we tried a prototype powder made from carrots, spinach, cassis, pumpkin, bamboo charcoal, garlic, indigo, red pepper, gardenia and safflower. The first crayons’ drawing experience was very poor. The crayons were crumbly and a mix of wax and vegetable powder would remain on the paper after use. One could still not enjoy drawing with the vegetable crayons.

We came to realize that in order to satisfy the customers we needed to improve our product. Because of the rough condition of the vegetable powder we had to micronize it. Also, in order to compensate the product accuracy, we had to slightly add some pigment. The off the shelf vegetable powder and the rough granularity made the experience of drawing a bad experience. After several adjustments we found out that we need to bring the granularity to a fine degree to obtain a good product. Because of the big amount of sugar in the fruits, it would stick to the machine, making the task of obtaining the necessary amount of powder difficult.

Fruits and vegetables that would not stick to the machine during the process were selected and processed into fine powder through a mesh. Further repeated improvements towards pulverization and we succeeded in obtaining the powder!

 [Mottainai] Japanese expression meaning “Stop wasting” 
In the process of getting the vegetables we learned that large amounts of vegetables are being disposed after harvest. We decided to make the crayons’ powder using the vegetable leftovers as much as possible! The raw material cost reduction and recycling vegetables was a success!

Safe and secure, the Japanese vegetable crayons are very popular in Japan.

 As of now there are 3 products that we offer in Europe. All these products have been tested by European scientists and have been approved with safety license in Europe, USA, and Asia. We currently offer Vegetable Crayon set, Rice Crayons, Vegetable Molding Dough.

Vegetable Crayons:

Set of 10 vegetable crayons with the real colors of fruits and vegetables. Colors derived from cabbage, leek, burdock, yam, corn, carrot, apple, cassis, purple potato, bamboo charcoal. These are all vegetables that grow everywhere in Japan. 

Because of this they are %100 safe for children. Crayons shouldn't however be eaten. Small children should be supervised by an adult - Store in a cool, dry place

Materials: rice wax, vegetable powder, food coloring - Made in Japan
Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.4 x 1.1"

Rice Crayons:

Set of 16 colors. Rice Crayons are made from rice wax, and they’re a dream to draw with. Not only that, but they come in vivid colors and lack the distinctive odor that crayons usually have.

The colors are produced using both organic color and inorganic pigments that comply with European safety standards for toys. We’ve selected sixteen basic colors from the Turner Colour Works Acryl Gouache Japanesque Color range, including shades of blue and red that cannot be reproduced with our Vegetable Crayons. Artists both young and old will enjoy drawing with this new and exciting range of crayons.

Contents - Set of 16 colors: 

shojohi (猩々緋, scarlet), kobai-iro (紅梅色, light pink), shuro-iro (棕櫚色, palm brown), ouni (黄丹, yellow-orange), kitsune-iro (狐色, fox fur orange), tonoko-iro (砥の粉色, cream), kihada-iro (黄檗色, bright yellow), wakakusa-iro (若草色, bright green), senzai-midori (千歳緑, deep green), ruri-iro (瑠璃色, lapis lazuli), usumizu-iro (淡水色, pale blue), fuji-murasaki (藤紫, wisteria purple), edo-murasaki (江戸紫, royal purple), ainezu (藍鼠, steel gray), keshizumi (消炭色, ash gray), junpaku-gofun (純白胡粉, pure white)

Ingredients:   Rice wax, pigment

Size:    210 mm x 102 mm

Precautions:   Do not swallow. Crayons are not edible. Small children should be supervised by an adult.

Handling instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.


Vegetable Modeling Dough

 Pigments made from fruits and vegetables are used to color our Vegetable Modeling Dough, so you can enjoy natural colors and scents unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

The modeling dough’s light base gives it a soft and fluffy texture. 

Even better, it won’t make a mess, as it’s easy for children to handle and doesn’t get sticky.

Environmentally friendly, the pigments used in Vegetable Modeling Dough are made with surplus fruits and vegetables produce such as juice pulp.

Contents: 5 individually wrapped 10 g packets (single-use type)

(Coffee, tomato, mandarin, cabbage, purple potato)

Ingredients: Resin microspheres, water, synthetic adhesive, fiber powder, preservative, vegetable powder, food coloring

Size:    W11.5 x D210 x H35 mm (package)

Precautions:   Do not swallow. The playdough is not edible. Small children should be supervised by an adult.

Handling instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.

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