HinokiBō Body & Face Sliming Massage

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You already know our new cosmetic brand Sensu Yuzu, a dedicated Japan-made line for Western skin, using the power of Yuzu; the japanese lemon; and the lotus seed, known for its longevity.
In 2007, Sensu mother company created a spa massage & treatment called HinokiBo, using the perfect combination of hand and tool massage while using Sensu cosmetic.

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After over 10 years working as a beautician at Matsuyama's BloomClassic beauty saloon, Ms. Watanabe became a trainer where she developed new treatments for clients. She was at the same time suffering from back pain and decided to combine different techniques of massage she experienced for a decade to release her pain. Using the power of an hand massage, combining with a wood stick, she created the HinokiBo treatment.

HinokiBo is a tool made of Japanese cypress called Hinoki (chamaecyparis Obtusa). Considered as sacred, this type of wood is present everywhere in Japan: house, bath, temple, tableware, perfume, etc.
He has a very light but yet hypnotic fragrance that is a natural insect repellent. It is also very light yet durable, strong and rot-proof.

The tool is shaped by crafter from one block of wood. Its shapes imitate the 3 key-points of a beautician hand: fingers, hands palm and lines of the hands. Using the "wood hand" tool while massaging gives the opportunity to massage in a very different way as if it was only done by hands: 

  • strong point: imitates a strong thumbs acupressure massage.
    Adjust back and legs from foot sole while releasing pain.

  • YAMA powerful point: imitates a powerful hand palm massage.
    Relaxes shoulder blades muscles. Refreshes and molds the hips while releasing pain around kidneys.

  • FUNE/NAMI healing/slimming lines: imitates a long hand palm massage
    Releases tensed muscles from the back, legs and shoulders. It has a slimming effect.

HinokiBo is not only a massage, it uses millenium traditions, arts and techniques from Japan.

  • Acupressure to decrease stress and fatigue.

  • Meridian stimulation to let flow the vital energy

  • Lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxines

  • Muscular stretching

The HinokiBo is a two options treatment: body and/or face.
While the face treatment using the HinokiBo can be done with Sensu cosmetic, the body treatment requires specific products, all carefully formulated by BloomClassic in Japan.

If you plan a trip in Paris, here are the available spa and beauty institutes where HinokiBo is available. HinokiBo is a complex treatment requiring a dedicated training. We recommend you to call and book available HinokiBo beautician at specific location. (list accurate Aug.2018)


Molitor Hotel&Spa
Clarins Beauty Institue

13 Rue Nungesser et Coli
75016 Paris

HinokiBo beauticians: Ms. Lettelier, Ms. Salzard, Ms. Zurcher, Ms. Salcedo


Le Burgundy
Sothys Beauty Institue

6-8 Rue Duphot
75001 Paris

HinokiBo beautician: spa manager Ms. Morandi

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