Summer is on its way and with that all the little mosquitos and bugs that come out. In Japan we use mosquito coils, which can be found in every country, but sometimes you just get a mosquito bits and it’s the most annoying thing.  In Japan we use a product to master this called KINKAN.

KINKAN has excellent effects on insect bites, itching, also for stiff shoulders, lumbar pain, bruising and sprains by removing heat from the affected site and suppressing the conduction of itching/pain. Insect bites, itching, stiff shoulders, lumbar pain, bruising and sprains

Ingredient and amount [per 100 mL]:


Aqueous ammonia 21.3 mL
ℓ -menthol 1.97 g
d-camphor 2.41 g
Salicylic acid 0.57 g
Capsicum tincture 0.35 mL (35 mg as an amount of raw herbal medicine)
This product contains ginseng extract as an additive and alcohol as a solvent.

Dose and administration:

Apply an appropriate amount onto the affected area several times a day.


(1)When this product is used by children, use it under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

(2)Take care to prevent contact with the eyes. If the eyes should be exposed, flush them promptly with lukewarm water. If the symptom is severe, consult an ophthalmologist.

(3)This product should be used only for topical application. Gargle with water when a child ingests it by mistake. Consult a physician if a child swallows the liquid.

♦ How to use:

①Keep the bottle upward and push the center of the sponge several times. Air inside the bottle is removed and excess discharge can be prevented.

②Keep the affected site clean (free of impurities/cosmetics/drugs).

③Push the sponge on the affected site lightly so that the site is soaked with the liquid.

④Repeat the procedure of “apply and dry” several times

- Keep this product away from flammable sources such as heating devices because there is a risk of explosion or ignition.

- Do not leave the product in a car because the temperature is prone to be very high inside.Use the product as soon as possible after opening regardless of the expiration date.

On holiday I always keep Kinkan in my bag, just I keep a bottle to touch up when I need protection from the sun.

We only have a few bottles left at our store.

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