Sensu Facial Care with Yuzu


Bloom Classic: the 5th most important cosmetic group in Japan with its 35 years expertise in beauty; founded SENSU in 2016, a cosmetic line dedicated to Western skin, enriched with what Japan is best know for in term of beauty: highest technologies standards, most beloved ingredients (yuzu and lotus) combined into modern and simpler "layering" beauty routine.

Yuzu is a citrus from Asia, considered as a medicinal food and a true Japanese beauty secret, it is used everyday and by all possible ways: bath rituals including some peels, moisturizing hair oil, day cream, cold detox juicy drinks, medicines. Very rich in vitamin C (4 times more than lemon), antioxydants and flavonoid, it protects the skin from pollution, prevents aging and wrinkles.

Lotus is a sacred flower which evokes eternity. In 1951, botanist Ichiro Ohga found a lotus seed dating from over 2000 years in an ancient ruin in Chiba, he planted it has grown into a beautiful flower and specie known as "sacred lotus" (Nelumbo Nucifera Ohga). Rich in fibers, vitamin C and antioxydants, lotus will delicately smooth and calm the skin while actively works against skin aging.

Sensu cosmetic is your perfect cosmetic line for this summer! Rich in powerful Japanese active ingredients which increase skin protection, it also provides a powerful and reliable shield against harmful environmental factors and also acts as antioxidant.

The Japanese layering known as "Bihaku" is a beauty routine using up to 10 different cosmetic products in layers of application in the aim to cleanse, moisturize and protect every area of the face: T-zone, eyes, neck, lips, etc. Sensu has created a simplified layering beauty routine dedicated to Western skin, combining textures and benefits in single products. In total, the line is made of 6 products/steps, 4 of them can be done at once as a morning and night routine.

We are currently carrying the line including:


Cleansing water:

Usage: twice a day - morning and night
Benefits: 2 in 1 cleansing water: Perfect combination of micellar water and an cleansing oil, it gently removes any make-up and impurities accumulated during the day. The skin feels free, leaving it soft and fresh.

Ingredients: Yuzu extract (antioxidant), Lotus seed extract (anti-aging), Geranium Leaf extract (astringent).

Face Scrub:

Usage: twice a week
Benefits: Exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells, brightens the skin and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Sensu is made from natural ingredients, replacing the plastic scrubbing particles by apricot stone powder, it gently erases dead skin. Bitter orange oil deeply regenerates the skin cells while the extracts of thyme leaves stimulates micro circulation. It also includes konjac, an asian vegetable well know as a scrubbing sponge. In the scrub, it is purifying, moisturizing and brightens the skin.

Incredients: : Yuzu extract (antioxidant), Lotus seed extract (anti-aging), Japanese apricot powder (removes dead cells / refines skin texture).

SENSU Face Scrub
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SENSU Facial Lotion
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Facial Lotion:

Usage: twice a day - morning and night
Purifies, brightens and improves oily skin, preparing it for the next application step.

Use with or without cotton

Ingreidents: Yuzu extract (antioxidant), Lotus seed extract (anti-aging), Soy Extract extract (antioxidant), Extract of Tiges and leaves of Japanese spindle (brightening / anti aging), Hyaluronic acid (Revamping / Moisturising).



Usage: twice a day - day and night
Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, revamps the skin and slow down skin aging due to its antioxidant effect.

Use one pump for full face, drawing small circles then lines from center to the edges of your face. Use an additional pump for neck.

Ingreidents: Yuzu extract (antioxidant), Lotus seed extract (anti-aging), Cherry Blossom extract (unifying skin tone / antioxidant), White Mulberry root extract (unifying skin tone / brighten), Hyaluronic acid (Revamping / Moisturising).

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SENSU Day Cream
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Day Cream:

Usage: once a day - morning
Protects the skin from harmful environmental factors, deeply moisturizes and recedes signs of aging.

Apply a small amount on cleansed face, draw circles then lines from center to edges.

Ingreidents: Yuzu extract (antioxidant), Lotus seed extract (anti-aging), Japanese apricot extract (nourishing), Licorice root extract (brighten / antioxidant)

Night Cream:

Usage: once a day - night
Regenerates the skin during night, reducing appearance of skin aging and creates brighter and revamped skin upon waking up.

Apply a gentle amount on cleared face, draw circles then lines from center to edges. 

Ingreidents: Yuzu extract (antioxidant), Lotus seed extract (anti-aging), Rice Bran Vegetable oil (protects appearance of skin aging, Macadama Vegetable oil (emollient), Hyaluronic acid (Revamping / Moisturising).

SENSU Night Cream
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We hope you enjoy this new line. It is especially perfect for summer as it is light and refreshing during the summer months. It is also the perfect skin care for men, as the formula is very light, it fits you on daily.

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