Vincent Shoelace

"Vincent Shoelace" was started by a man and woman from Kyoto and their love of shoes however he felt that there was a lack in shoe lace varieties so they decided to design their own. They consider that you should change your shoelaces like you change your hairstyles. There all multiple colors and patterns.

The Bees wax:

It is an original waterproof wax for waxing your laces so that they stay clean. All materials are combined with natural ingredients, and are handmade by two people. Lanolin, which is taken from beeswax and kyou oil.

You rub the shoelace with the bar of wax like you would an eraser and finally lightly melt the wax with a dryer. This process makes the shoelace stronger and helps to keep it shape better when tied. The wax also protects your laces from dirt and rain.

They also created what they named, “Cocks Comb” in three different colors so you can change the front of you favorite sneakers when they get dirty. A spin-off item that they wanted to create as another way to accessorize your sneakers.

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