Asako Iwamizu Kimekomi Exhibition


“Kimekomi” means “Tuck in”. Traditionally this technique was used to make celebratory dolls and animals.  

Asako Iwamizu’s work is a bright pop take on this traditional craft.  

10 years ago Asako Iwamizu transitioned from being a fashion designer to an artist. From her background in fashion, she has always had a love of textiles and fabric, she uses this knowledge to create her art. After working with various mediums we are proud to have some of her new works using “Kimekomi” techniques in our store.

She begins with a piece of Styrofoam and a photograph, she draws the image directly on the foam. This medium is because of her love of street art and things that would otherwise be disposable. This includes scraps of cloth that have been cut away from garment making.

She doesn't use a projector to copy the image exactly, she just draws the form. From there she draws patterns into the image. She then cuts into Styrofoam and coses different scraps of fabric and tucks them into the image until her image is complete. The result is a very modern take on an old technique with a wonderful mix of colors and patterns.

Her Images range from Iconic images to specific themes where she examines various topics that intrigue her.

She currently will be exhibiting the theme of jet black hair and how it is shaped in Japan.

It’s new, funny and fun.

Her own description of her current work is as follows:

Kimekomi struck me with a flash in 2016.

Without using needles or threads, AS IN patchwork, containing elements of pop art,

it was born inspired by wooden dolls of Japanese traditional techniques.

From experiences being a former fashion designer, it has evolved into fabric art with originality.

"What will become of the future? What? It is noteworthy to the future of Kimekomi that will further evolve."

Let yourself be conquered!


She will have an exhibition at Paris Miki from June 20th – June 30th. The artist WILL BE there every day at the PARIS MIKI's shop: 33 avenue de l'Opera 75002 Paris

Monday to Friday 15h-18h30

Saturday 14h-18h30

Her works can be purchased for a limited time at our store, “Bows & Arrows”.

We will have an opening reception for her on June 28th at 6pm. You can meet Asako and if you are interested, have the opportunity to request a portrait by her.

by her bright colors, positive feelings and good vibes.

Thierry Lamoine