Tonkatsu Sauce

This organic sauce could be likened to a dark "Japanese ketchup".

In Japan it accompanies a very common dish called tonkatsu: a breaded pork dish made at home or eat out. This is always served with “tonkatsu sauce”, rice, and salad. We also use the sauce with fried noodles and various other dishes like grilled meats, even fries, marinates, fried vegetables, etc. 

Its texture is creamy and its taste is between ketchup and Worcester sauce. A little sweet and little salty.

Ingredients: Vegetables, fruits (organic tomato, organic onion, organic carrot), organic vinegar (organic rice vinegar, organic apple vinegar), organic sugar, organic soy sauce, salt, spices, malt extract, (some ingredients contain soybeans and wheat).

It's a delicious sauce that has multi-purposes.

We have it at our store. 

Thierry Lamoine