Slim Cera

You can give yourself a face-lift with a simple massage and revitalize your skin just by rolling the metallic hand held Slim Cera over your skin. This can be used for your face and body. The rollers of the Slim Cera imitates a therapist’s hands, thereby stimulating your facial muscles to revitalize your skin.

Roll out dirt and cleanse your pores! The diamond cut roller surfaces will push out and remove any dirt, leaving your pores clear and clean. This also stimulates your skin so

Handmade in Japan, composed of the element Germanium, 99.999% pure germanium plate. Germanium is a trace mineral found in ginseng, aloe, and garlic. When in contact with the skin, it emits heat, releasing negative ions thus stimulating blood circulation. It is also stainless steel so it won’t rust

Not only are semi-precious stones just beautiful, but they also carry a vibrational force known as millennia with different grinding stones. Mr Hirotoshi Hattori created a ceramic version, which contains over 10 different minerals including tourmaline, thorium ore, moonstone, quartz, magnetite, zeolite, rutile and more.

All are known for their beneficial effects on the microorganism of the skin. Through their magnetism, they re-organise the different energy flows circulating in the skin, promoting balance

The feedback was extremely positive. The beneficial results of the ceramic ball, which had the ‘pillows/rollers’, were instantaneous. This included observed effects such as softer, firmer skin as a result.

For best results, use it 3 times a day and then use whatever moisturizing cream you use.

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