Designed by, Hiroshi Iguchi, this porcelain Yoda with a fist and fingers up has had immense popularity since the first one made. Produced by ONE KIlN Ceramics factory in Kagoshima.

1973 Artist from Aichi prefecture. With a poster of "WASP" seen at a friend's house at the first year of junior high school and a verification example of various evidences at "Paul McCartney death theory", etc., we excessively conscious of the strange relationship between music and visual It has become active now mainly focusing on CD, books, apparel related graphic production etc. 

In 2008 Fashion select store Beams Japan launched CULTuART working with various artists to produce “toy” art objects. These are an opportunity for everyone to be able to afford artwork.  Since the are a limited edition, each one is signed by the artist. Ever time he makes a new one he changes it’s color. They are very popular as collectors item.

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Bows & Arrows