Coming of Age Day in Japan

Seijin Shiki or 成人式or Coming of Age day comes on the second January of every year. This year it is on January 14th. It is for everyone that have turned 20 years old in the last year, both male and females look forward to this special day. We are alerted by the city or ward office about where to meet and what time but it is usually after 11:30am at the city office. Boys and girls mix and compliment each other. 

We wear colorful kimono’s and the men wear kimono’s or suits as well. Grandmas and mothers still help the girls with the Kimono, Obi, and hair decoration. In modern times it is less common for people to live with their Grandparents so you can go to the store where you buy your kimono and then to a hair salon for a special hair-do with ornaments and make-up. 

From there many times we go to a temple with our family and friends and take photos and enjoy the day. 

If you are in Tokyo at this time please enjoy the day!

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