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Lucky-charm from the gods

Kanuma is a city located in Tochigi Prefecture. In 1636, Nikko Toshogu Temple was built using highly skilled artisans from all over Japan. For 400 years, the region has kept this know-how kept to become a high place of carpentry and cabinetmaking. In addition, the city of Kanuma is surrounded by cedar forests and cypress hinoki, allowing it to be self-sufficient with the supply of wood as well as the preservation of the trees so that their carpentry tradition will continue into the future.

Kouichi Wakasugi is an industrial designer in Tokyo. His work is intimately linked to the woodworking trades. Most of its products are made in the Tochigi region. He decided to collaborate with the craftsmen of Kanuma with series of objects designed in Tokyo and crafted in Kanuma to thus promote the ancestral know-how of an entire region.

One of Kouichi Wakasugi's projects is a line of "Engimono" (catching-luck) with characters drawn from Japanese Gods. Each god has his symbol, bringing luck to business, love, professional success, etc.

These come in the shape of small masks or pins. Use the mask for kids, pins for your clothes, or decorate your home with a Japanese deity to bring luck into your life. Available in store and on our e-shop.

KANUMA Sugi no Kamisama Engimono Mask
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