Kakigori - Japanese shaved Ice


Kakigori is shaved ice in Japanese style which is flavored with syrup. There are many kinds of syrup that you can choose your favorite one or more than one. A super refreshing treat during the hot summer. On top is some sweet condensed milk. 

The traditional one is Japanese green tea flavor which some shops will serve you with Azuki (sweet red bean paste) and Dango ( ball-shaped mochi dumplings).

Now there are many flavors including melon, lemon, strawberry, orange, rumene, caramel, tea, coffee are usually available on the street. There are speciality places that also sell inventive recipes using avocado, chili, tiramisu, mango, and many more recipes.

It is a summer treat that we all love and seeing the Kakigori Kanji flag always makes us feel like kids again. This is probably a universal delight but we call ours Kakigori. 

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