Ramune - A Japanese Soda Drink for Summer

We now have Ramune in our store, Bows & Arrows in Paris !

Ramune is as summer soda drink and it favorite summer drink for children and adults alike. The top is made with a Codd-neck bottle to keep the pressure of the soda carbonated. There is a small marble at the top and small device that we used to push the marble down. 

People trying Ramune for the first time, sometimes find it difficult to drink, as it takes practice to learn to stop the marble from blocking the flow. You have to angle it in a specific way so that marble doesn’t block the soda. This give young kids lots of fun both playing with the bottle to get it open as well as well as trying to get the marble out afterwards, which of course impossible. The bottles are nice to keep and collect through summer as they have a cute shape. 

We keep cold ones in our fridge at the store if you want pass by on a hot summer day and try one of these refreshing drink. 

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