Japanese Soba Noodles - An Easy & Healthy Dish For Your Weekend

How to make Soba noodles

Soba is made with buckwheat flour and is very good for your health. In Japan we eat these noodles regularly but especially just before New Years as noodles represent longevity and good luck. These can be eaten hot or cold. 

Want to try cold soba noodles in Summer?:

Boil water and add the noodles and cook for 3-5 minutes depending on if you like them soft or al dente. We usually eat this cold in summer and rinse in cold water immediately. There are a few types of sauces that we use for dipping. 

  • Tsuyu : a mix of fish stock, sake, salt.
  • Ponzu : which is made with fish stock and Japanese lemon called Yuzu
  • Sesame : You can make these at home by grinding sesame with soy sauce.

We garnish this this with spring onions (negi) which can be found in most supermarkets. If you can find it, we put some wasabi or grated ginger for extra taste and vitamins. 

Cold soba can also be eaten with mixed salads, daikon radish, tomato, carrot’s, cucumbers, avocado, etc, with mayonnaise or your favorite regular salad dressings. 

Or if you prefer the traditional hot soba noodles?:

For hot Soba recipes cook the noodles for less time (2-3 minutes) and pour it out, then make a bowl of boiled water with hot water and Tsuyu sauce or ponzu sauce.

Inside the hot soba you can put spring onions, vegetables, spinach, corn, peas, mushrooms, seafood, beef, chicken, duck, as well as tempura.

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