Hinoki Wine Cooler - A Wooden Work of Art from AZMAYA

We are currently showcasing our Japanese wine cooler by Azmaya. It is made from Hinoki Cedar wood from the north of Japan.


This wood is used for baths, hot springs, kitchen ware and anything involving water as it is antibacterial and mold resistant. The density of the wood is strong so it doesn't expand or shrink as other wood. It also has a very lovely smell. There is a surrounding copper band as an accent for practical reasons as well as aesthetic style. 

We hope you enjoy a spring/summer picnic or home event using this Japanese product.


Azmaya is a Nigata based collective of Japanese designers who collaborate with Japanese artisans to create contemporary products for daily life using traditional techniques and materials. All of the objects are made in Japan. Items vary from glassware, ceramics, porcelain, ironware, copperware, brassware, wooden trays, and lacquer ware.

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