Arabic Yamato - A Japanese Traditional Glue

Arabic Yamato - A Japanese Traditional Glue

"Arabic Yamato" - the most widely used liquid glue for office and home purposes in Japan.

Decades ago, there was a product called "Arabic glue" or mucilage. Its main ingredient was Arabic liquid gum harvested in North and West Africa and shipped via the Middle East - Arabia to be precise. It was sold in bottles and applied by turning the bottle upside down and having the liquid seep through a sponge applicator.

The "Arabic Yamato" is an advanced and improved version, referred to this handy product. Its distinguishing characteristic is the round sponge head.

The creators realized that by making the head round, they would enable even glue application regardless of how teh container is held. Still, because of the pressure applied during use, it was necessary to make the head restorable. This development took about three years, but it was from a household plastic strainer that the idea to combine a sponge with a strainer came about, resulting in the perfect level of elasticity we are so accustomed to now. 

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Thierry Lamoine