Eau de KI - The Secret Water of Anti-Aging

All women dream of eternally young skin. 
The Sankodo House shares this same dream, and that is why the Water of Ki has never ceased to be improved, reworked and innovated.

The Water of Ki was born from the passion of the founder of the Sankodo house who wanted to restore youth to the skin of women, and the desire to offer the fruit of the most advanced research in the field of anti-aging. The know-how and secrecy of Ki Water is transmitted religiously from generation to generation.

Since its creation in 1926, Sankodo has never stopped its quest for perfection in the development of Ki Water, with the aim of making women even more beautiful and offering them the best anti-aging care ever created. Thanks to the permanent research of the scientific team and its collaborators, Eastern wisdom gave birth to Eau de Ki, the epitome of anti-aging care.

The origin of the name Eau de Ki

Like the flow of clear water from an inexhaustible source, Eau de Ki infuses your skin with an incomparable luster, a sign of eternal youth.
The secret of this beauty elixir is born from the encounter between two worlds: a perfect marriage of Asian medicinal ingredients and precious herbal extracts. 
Water and Ki are two fundamental and necessary elements of life in Japan. Ki is the vital energy, water everything that is liquid. Ki-water therefore refers to the perfect balance between these two elements that will make your skin beautiful forever.

Beautiful skin is the reflection of inner serenity

Our skin "lives" and feels all our emotions. The skin is a reflection of youth but also of our physical and psychic condition. A young skin with luster is healthy skin. 
The skin is a barometer of our psyche and alerts us when it undergoes aggression.
Time alters the skin naturally, but other factors are also responsible for aging:

  • The oxidation of cells that lack oxygen

  • The cutaneous dryness due to the water content of the cells which decreases and which alters the natural process of hydration

  • The physiological thinning of skin due to the weakening of the function of cell production as a function of age.

  • The physiological thinning of the skin which becomes finer as time passes

  • UV rays that damage the skin when not protected


The Secret of Ki Water: the Benefit of Asian Natural and Ancestral Ingredients

Ki Water contains 8 natural and medicinal ingredients of Asian origin and 4 Western aromatic plants.

A deep knowledge of the natural ingredients and long years of research in our laboratory have allowed Sankodo to harmoniously combine these ancestral ingredients.

Ki Water is slowly concocted according to a traditional Japanese ritual. For more than six months, the synergy of oriental and western ingredients will infuse in order to reap the quintessence of these natural ingredients and to unite their treasures.

Thanks to this nectar, Ki Water allows the skin to repair itself naturally using its own strength, making it youthful and brilliant.


Ki Water, the icon of the house for more than 90 years, draws its roots from the Japanese family Sankodo. 

Founded in 1926, the Japanese company Sankodo had designed a mysterious and original water called "Opal Medicinal Water". This water met with immense success when it was proposed to the general public by Sankodo. Perceived as a miraculous water, "the Water of Opal Medicinal" was constantly improved until becoming the Water of Ki. 

The Water of Ki is the result of a skilfully balanced combination of oriental ingredients and
Western plants .  Ki (qi) means energy, life, a Japanese spiritual approach, which designates Ki as the element that dictates all creation of the world. 

It is thanks to the research of Umeji Sasaki, the grandfather of the current president of Sankodo, and the founder of the house, that the Water of Ki saw the light. More than 100 years ago, he undertook cosmetic research to treat his family members who suffered from dermatological problems. 

Very attentive to the quality of the products, he developed an innovative fermentation technique in collaboration with his scientific team. The fruit of more than a century of research, he succeeded in developing a product called Curiously "Eau Etrange" because of its marvelous and astonishing efficiency. This water was then named in a different way, according to the improvements made to its composition, until it became the Water of Ki.

How to use

Ritual for the face

Ki water is used morning and evening, after removing make-up and on a clean face. 
Gently slide the cotton wool soaked with Ki water over the entire face. Do not rinse Ki Water once applied.

For sensitive skin, it is advisable to mix two drops of Water of Ki in a cotton padded with flat water, to wring it and to slide it delicately on the whole face.

Body Ritual

Gently wipe a cotton soaked with Ki water, on all parts of the body and especially those revealing the age like neckline, behind the neck, and also acne-prone back, or rough elbows and heels.

You can also apply Ki water in the palm of your wet hands and gently tap the entire face and body.


Do not use cotton soaked with Ki Water as a mask or dressing. 
Ki water is forbidden to patients under medical treatment containing adrenal cortical hormones. 
If you are taking a dermatological treatment, consult your doctor before use. 
Do not use in case of irritated or reactive skin. 
Stop use if you notice redness, swelling or itching and consult a dermatologist.

Precautions for use

Close the cap after each use. 
Never leave the product within reach of children. 
Do not store the product in a place too hot or cold, and keep it away from light.

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