Ruhaku - The Secret of Anti-aging

Ruhaku is the first Ecocert-certified organic anti-aging skincare brand from Okinawa, Japan’s southern island famous for its beautiful blue ocean, deep forest and its inhabitants’ exceptional longevity. It uses the exceptional antioxidant properties of the Gettou plant, which contains 30-times more polyphenols than red wine and is thus one of the most antixoditant-rich herbs there is. 

Growing in the Okinawa environment of strong sunlight and sea breeze, the Gettou is packed with antioxidants. Its large and lush green leaves have antiseptic and antibacterial effects and have been traditionally used as an insect repellent and to wrap food by local people in Okinawa. Other medicinal effects include alleviation of fevers and an anti-diabetic effect through inhibitions of formation of advanced glycation end products. This inhibition of the glycation effect also works in the skin and decelerates the aging process. 

How to apply facial oils Japanese style - Ruhaku’s skin care regime: 

1. Cleansing Oil: 

Apply the cleansing oil by massaging it into dry skin. Once the cleansing oil has been thoroughly applied, add a small amount of either cold or warm water to “emulsify” the oil to a milky liquid. Rinse off gently with warm water.

2. Lotion: 

After cleansing, take some lotion on a cotton pad and wipe the skin softly. If you scrub hard, it can cause pigmentation and spots. Use the oil while the skin is wet with the lotion.

3. Oil: 

Apply some oil on your hands, fold your hands and warm the oil a little. Inhale the aroma of the oil and apply it on your face massaging the lymphatic system to detox. 

4. Cream: 

Apply the cream thoroughly on the entire face. Reapply the cream on especially dry spots. 

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