Jusan Yu Japanese Combs

If you have ever seen the beautiful women of the famous prints in Ukiyoe block prints wearing beautiful combs in their hair and using them to brush their hair and would like one of your own, we have these for you.  We bought them from a very special craftsman store in Kyoto called Kushi Ya.

Kushi means Comb Shop.

When the “Juni-hito” (ceremonial robe of a court woman) came about in around 1185 AD, the fashion in Japan changed to our real style without influences from other east Asia countries. From this time Japanese nobility started wearing glamorous combs in their wigs or normal hair and using them in their daily life. After decades, these are the combs that are used by Maiko and Geisha that preserve the tradition.

The wood for the combs takes 40 years to grow and prepare. By then the wood is suitably hard, the cutting and drying the timber takes another 10 years. After that, the wood is smoked, using its own saw dust, and meticulous care must be used in this process.

To make a comb, first the, “teeth” of the comb are sawn with craftsmen tools. They are then polished with a shark skin brush and a kind of a dried grass called Tokusa and finally with dear skin, which gives the naturals, fine shade and rich luster to the comb.

These combs are offered as a treasure to the Isse Shinto Shrine’s “Sun Goddess” Amaterasu, who has been worshiped as part of the Imperial Household.

Everything is made by hand with much care. One mistake would mean that the comb cannot be used.  So much care is taken, with respect to the trees and the way that we treasure and use these combs.

The traditional craft of making the finest combs demands the craftsman and entire family who never cease to work hard to produce comb of our level of quality.

Maiko and Geisha use these for care and also as adornments. In the west you can use them for multiple uses for male and female.  

For care:

- Please don't wash them in water

- Clean them using camellia oil or olive oil

- Take any hair or dandruff out with a brush

-With care these brushes can last you a lifetime.



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