Aqua Culture Vase


Aqua Culture Vase

A clear vase to see slow-growing life happen

Kinto is a design studio since 1972. This vase was designed primarily for people living in urban areas and are unable to have a garden. It is also designed to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of growth, from each leaf that grows, to watching the roots get longer in the water.

The two-part glass plate and vase make it easy to clean and care for the plant. The top part is removable so it is easy to remove and clean wash the roots and glass so that green algae doesn't stick on the roots. We also recommend that you wash the glass at least once a week so that calcium doesn't accumulate on the glass. We have special bottle cleaning brushes from Edoya for this. For Japanese people, caring for a treasured plant is a form of meditation. But this is not just for Japanese, it is in many cultures. We hope that you can enjoy this as well.


You can grow herbs, flowering bulbs, avocados, etc. It is fun to experiment with new things that you can try to grow and refreshing to watch something changing and life happening in front of your eyes.
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