Edoya - A Japanese Brush Workshop From The Old Times


Edoya is workshop, specializing on high quality brush making in Japan, since 1718. The founder of the company was one of the exclusive brush makers for the Shogun family back in the time. Back in that era, the brushes were majorly used to paint on the woodblock and hanging scrolls etc.


Nowadays, only natural furs, from pigs and horses are used by the craftsman for the making of various brushes. Inheriting from the traditional craftsmanship back in the time, each craftsman was well trained to perfectly place bristles through the holes by hand, so that the tips of the brushes do not lose their shape.


Up to todate, Edoya is making and working with a wide range of brush types, from various body brushes, to shoes and clothes brushes. Among the most popular types, their clothes brushes were often highlighted by the users. They are known to maintain usability for a really long time. The Edoya clothes brushes made with delicate, firm, and high-quality pig bristles take a good care of fabric, by removing lint and dust while effectively keeping static away.


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