Glico - The Running Man


In 1919 in Osaka, Riichi Ezaki created a caramel candy product containing glycogen. This product was named “Glico”, a shortening of the word glycogen. The tag line of the product was “300 Meters in a Single Piece” and the logo was a running man.


Since then Glico has created many of our favorite treats, both sweet and savory, which are staple snacks all over Japan, sold in convenient stores and supermarkets.

One of the best sellers is the Pretz and Pocky series. Pretz which comes in savory flavors, was already a popular pretzel stick snack item. The simple concept of covering it with chocolate was the beginning of Pocky. Now we can find Pocky in many flavors including strawberry, green tea, pudding, etc.

Another very popular product is Bisco, which is a very nutritious snack for 1 year olds and is good for teething.

They also have a wide variety of yogurts, jellies, and snacks.


In 1935 Glico put up a large neon sign in Osaka’s famous Dotonbori street. It is a landmark where people who don't know Osaka well can meet up, much like Hachiko in Shibuya. The neon sign is revised to support sports events like World Cup or Olympics. The spirit of Glico is health and fitness.


This logo has become in a sense the symbo of Osaka.

We have a selection of savory and sweets at our store from the Glico brand, including Milky Peko-chan, which is a time tested nostalgic treat for adults and a favorite for children. Healthy cute and yummy.

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