Japan-Best is first and foremost a story about Japanese craftsmen with the influence of contemporary design. 

The more brands we meet, the more passionate we become about the stories behind each product; the skills of the craftsmen, or the long tradition of an object left unchanged for generations and yet somehow manages to remain contemporary. 

Japan-Best is a community of 10 Japanese brands which we have selected for the originality of their design, the quality of their production, the fact that their production is “made in Japan”, the nice history that they share, sometimes since several generations. 




« Bows&Arrows » is the magazine that we are now publishing once a year in order to promote our Japan-Best brands.

Purpose of Bows & Arrow is to explain the nice stories and craftsmanship behind each object that we sell.

Bows & Arrows logo has a nice symbol : an arrow in the center of a target.

The arrow is the symbol of Japanese craftsmanship’s perfection.

Each craftsman, often perfecting the same object during all his life, achieves the ultimate perfection : always right in the center of the target, never missing anymore.

Craftsmen become masters who will transmit their skills to the new generation.

You want to buy « Bows & Arrows » and/or carry it in your store, please ask us.