SUWADA Large Nail Nipper

SUWADA Large Nail Nipper


Material : High-Carbon Stainless Steel

Place of origin: Niigata, Japan

This nail nipper has a stain resistant beautiful finish. It comes with a metal case for a safe strage. It leaves a smooth edge that means no filing necessary. The nail-fitting curve maximizes safety and ease of use even for tough nails and ingrown nails. 
he cutting quality of these nail nippers last for a long time because of the high strength steel forged in Niigata, Japan. 

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Suwada was originally a wire cutting brand in 1926. They made their first nail clippers but the price point was too high at the time. In the mid 1960`s they started making pruning scissors for bonsai trees. However, they started receiving requests from customers and people who had seen their nail clippers. They went back to the original design and worked on it to create the state of the art artisan clippers that are sold today. When holding the grip, all the power is being transmitted to the blade. The shape and angle must be perfect to achieve a perfect cut. They developed their own internal spring for the best quick clean cut. All the while the craftsmen were dedicated to keeping a beautiful form.