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Yuzu Compressed Juice 100ml

€12,00 EUR

As yuzu has become much more popular in the west, in the last decades, there are many new recipes that can be enhanced by adding a few drops of this juice. This juice is most commonly used in drinks, cocktails and also as a dressing for the desserts. It can also be added to many different dishes such as salad, soups, and fish, etc. for the giving of an unique fresh yuzu taste.

Once you know and understand the taste of this juice, there would be multiple ways for you to use this nicely in your kitchen, for the making of your ultimate secret recipe !

Hand squeezed Yuzu juice from Kito, Tokushima

ICHIBAN-SHIBORI YUZU JUICE : Hand squeezed freshly harvested Yuzu every autumn.

  • Volume: 100ml
  • Refrigerate -10° after opening, keep away from heat and light

Best Before: 30/11/2020