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Tamari Sauce

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  • Gluten Free Tamari Sauce
  • Coat and bake: Try coating chicken, vegetables, rice cakes, etc with a little bit and grilling 
  • Use tamari in place of salt whenever the recipe calls for it.  Tamari’s low sodium count makes it possible to reduce your intake by around 30% without having to compromise flavour

This Hon Tamari soy sauce appears on the surface of soy miso when it matures naturally, after 18 long months. It is diluted with water to make it more fluid. 

During the Kamakura period (1185-1333), Hon Tamari was the staple seasoning. Hon means "real". As for Tamari, it is the liquid obtained from the natural fermentation of Hatcho Miso. Note that it takes on a pretty reddish colour when heated.

When miso is finished maturing, a small amount of liquid "miso tamari" accumulates on the surface.  It is like a soy sauce made only with soybeans and salt without using wheat. A rare seasoning that can take only 0.3% from 10 tons of miso. It has more than three times the umami of regular soy sauce. Enjoy the umami of soybeans, which has been condensed to the limit through long-term ageing.


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