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Somen Premium Hitosujinawa Muginawa

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These sômen from Miwa Yamakatsu are of very high quality, unquestionably among the most qualitative in Japan, delicate, delicious. This explains why we attribute them the mention Premium .

They are the result of a family know-how that has lasted since 1804, on the banks of a river that flows in the shadow of Mount Miwa in Nara Prefecture.

The secret of these delicious, delicate, shiny sômen lies in several points:
- The soft wheat flour used is low in gluten and produces a noodle that has a sweet taste and a white, shiny color.
- While most somen makers use oil to prevent their noodles from sticking, our artisan Miwa Yamakatsu uses hon'kuzu from the famous Yoshino house (pueraria lobata) which gives the noodles a wonderful silky texture.
- The water and salt used are of very high quality.

The process of making high-quality somen noodles requires time and care.
It takes Miwa Yamakatsu seven days of mixing, resting, stretching and drying to produce one batch of somen noodles.
The dough is mixed and stretched into a long, thick noodle.
This long noodle is then placed in a mechanical spinning machine which turns each thick piece of dough into a very long and quite thin noodle.
After all this work, the noodles then need to rest; they are therefore put in a wooden crate for two hours.
The stretching of the sômen can then begin… Incredibly elastic, the made sômen are then placed in the drying room (to keep only a residual humidity of 10%) for a week before being cut and then packaged.
They can be eaten either cold or dipped in hot broth.

Our cooking tips :
- In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a boil. For best results, the correct amount of water is 10 times the weight of the noodles to be cooked. So to cook 100g of noodles, use 1000g (1kg = 1 liter) of water.
- Add noodles to boiling water, stir with chopsticks and cook for 1 ½ to 2 minutes.
- Drain immediately, run under cold water then plunge the noodles into ice water for 60 seconds.
Drain well before serving.

For a hot tasting, it will suffice to immerse them in a very hot broth.


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