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SIWA x URUSHI - Wall Panel

€149,00 EUR


Soft Naoron is a mix of wood pulp and polyolefin made into paper using paper-making method similar to traditional washi making. It is soft and has the texture of a paper while its durability and water-resistant nature makes it a wonderful material for bags and pouches.

Size 180x180x17mm
Pacific/ Skyful: minä perhonen
Spider: Klaus Haapaniemi 
Owl:Harri Koskinen


Normally with urushi printing technology, printing would only be possible on deerskin; by applying a special treatment to Naoron, a strong washi paper developed by our company, printing that lays delicate lines of urushi on washi was made possible.
Through our attempts regarding Naoron’s strong surface and traditional urushi printing techniques handed down through generations combined with new technology, a new way of showcasing washi and urushi has been achieved.
After diligently refining the washi, seasoned artisans print each and every piece by hand. The expression of even the most intricate patterns has been realized through the development of our unique technology.