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Towari - Soba Buckwheat Shochu

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Towari - Soba Buckwheat Shochu


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  • Made from original buckwheat koji and only buckwheat ingredients
  • Soba buckwheat shochu has a distinctly different taste from potato shochu
  • Enjoy this shochu on the rocks, straight, or mixed in a citrus cocktail
  • Shochu is generally stronger than sake so it is enjoyed by people who prefer a more "spirit" type alcohol
  • Pairs well with fish, pork, or chicken as well as spicy dishes

Produced by the Takara Shuzo located not far from Kyoto, Towari Soba is a shochu that has the specificity of being made from 100% buckwheat, unlike the more classic shochu whose basic ingredients are more rice, barley or sweet potato. Rarely used for the elaboration of shochu, buckwheat is a cereal more difficult to ferment with Koji and its use is a feat that reveals a real know-how in saccharification.

This specificity is fully expressed during tasting with a fruity profile that is accompanied by a slight smoky taste like Scottish single malts. Distilled under normal pressure to obtain rich and deep flavors, this shochu has a silky and delicate texture that will accompany fish, pork or chicken dishes as well as spicy dishes.

Shochu is a white alcohol resembling vodka Titrant between 20 and 45 °, and are distilled from different ingredients such as sweet potato, rice, barley or brown sugar. It is extremely popular in Japan, and people drinks it both "Straight" and "On the rocks "or in cocktail (most famously with fresh grapefruit juice).

Alc. 25% 500ml

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